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Council of American Ambassadors Fellowship Alumni - Where are they now?

Recent Fellow News

  • Anna Boadwee

    Class of 2014
    Anna Boadwee is currently serving in the Peace Corps in Malawi. She is an NGO Advising Volunteer in the health sector.
  • Stephen M. Jones

    Class of 2012
    Stephen M. Jones graduated with a Masters in Economics from George Mason University under fellowship from the Mercatus Center. He will be employed at the Volpe National Transportation Center in Cambridge, MA as an Economist. He plans on eventually pursuing a PhD in Economics, Politics, or Political Economy and continuing his research interests in African institutions and American Regulatory Processes.
  • James Madsen

    Class of 2006
    James Madsen is a Partner at Orton Development, a value-add real estate development firm specializing in urban rehabilitation and redevelopment projects, with a focus on large-scale and historic properties. Current projects include the 330,000 square foot Bethlehem Steel complex in San Francisco, and the 150,000 square foot Henry J Kaiser Convention Center in Oakland.
  • Courtney Ready

    Class of 2013
    Courtney Ready is currently Project Manager of The Overton Project, an initiative focused on recruiting innovative social sector organizations to Birmingham, Alabama. She focuses on capacity building in education and workforce development. She graduated from Duke University with degrees in Economics and Public Policy.
  • Anna Johns

    Class of 2008
    Anna Johns graduated from the Duke University School of Law, and will continue to work on her PhD in History at Duke’s Graduate School
  • Sari Sharoni

    Class of 2011
    Sari Sharoni graduated from Stanford Law School and is an associate at Covington & Burling.
  • Mason Barnard

    Class of 2015
    Mason Barnard is spending the next year at Cambridge University in the UK conducting research on the relationship between geographic population health outcomes and the deployment of health services in conflict zones. More specifically, he will study how conflict zones shape the building of infrastructure during reconstruction and how these impacts can have long term impacts on the populations they are supposed to help (for example, seeing if health outcomes significantly decline the farther away low-income populations are from the local hospital). He has also signed a job offer with Putnam Associates, a healthcare consulting firm in Boston, and will work for them for a few years upon his return from Cambridge. After that he will likely go on to pursue a PhD in public health, possibly alongside a JD or an MD.
  • Francheska Loza

    Class of 2014
    Francheska Loza is a paralegal in the International Litigation and Arbitration Department at Foley Hoag LLP. She works on investor-state disputes and public international law cases before ICISD, the ICJ and other international courts. She plans to pursue a Masters degree in International Relations in the UK next year.
  • Shelby Thompson

    Class of 2015
    Shelby Thompson is in the second year of her Master's Degree in Political Science at Virginia Tech. She works as a Teaching Assistant for a professor, as well as a news analyst for the Virginia Tech Data Analytics Lab.
  • Cameron Combs

    Class of 2011
    Cameron Combs is enrolling in the University of Chicago's dual MBA/MPP program this fall. Previously, he was a Brazil researcher at the Eurasia Group, a political risk consultancy, and a program associate at the Inter-American Dialogue, a think tank.