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Council of American Ambassadors Fellowship Alumni - Where are they now?

Recent Fellow News

  • Caitlin Quinn

    Class of 2017
    Caitlin graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor's degree in the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs. As of fall 2018, she is back at the Wilson School to pursue a Master in Public Affairs as a fellow in the Scholars in the Nation's Service Initiative.
  • Rachel Iacono

    Class of 2017
    Rachel Iacono just began a position as the Global Client Service Coordinator at Chin & Curtis, LLP, a small immigration law firm in Boston, MA. She works in the firm’s global practice, assisting attorneys in that department with international casework and research.
  • Patrick May

    Class of 2010
    Patrick May is currently an Associate at Knowesis, Inc., a contracting company that does work primarily in the Military Health arena. His work focuses on program management and oversight of military medical research.
  • Rosa Cuppari

    Class of 2016
    Rosa is wrapping up her time as a Research Analyst at Global Water Intelligence in the UK this summer. She will be starting an M.S. in Environmental Sciences and Engineering at UNC Chapel Hill in the fall, focusing on financial risk in water systems.
  • Jessica Bruce

    Class of 2007
    Jessica Bruce is Associate Director of the Sustainable Development Research Centre at Ipsos MORI in London, where she conducts primary research and project evaluations on international development issues. She holds an MSc in Economics from the University of Nottingham and a BS in Economics and International Political Economy from the University of Puget Sound and served in the Peace Corps in Benin.
  • Jamie Kwong

    Class of 2017
    Jamie Kwong graduated from USC with a BA in International Relations and a master's in public diplomacy. She will be headed to the UK in the fall to pursue her PhD in War Studies as a Marshall Scholar.
  • Valerie Brusilovsky

    Class of 2009
    Valerie Brusilovsky works as a Foreign Affairs Specialist at the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA). NNSA’s mission is to prevent nuclear weapons proliferation and reduce the threat of nuclear and radiological terrorism around the world. The most difficult step in the development of an improved nuclear device is acquiring weapons-usable nuclear material. Within NNSA, Valerie works for the Office of Material Management and Minimization in the Nuclear Material Removal program. There, she is responsible for working with international partners and facilities to remove or dispose of excess highly enriched uranium (HEU) and plutonium, working to minimize, and when possible, eliminate weapons-usable nuclear material around the world.
  • Trey Curran

    Class of 2016
    Trey Curran graduated in May 2018 with a dual-degree in Aerospace Engineering and Plan II Honors. This fall, he will be moving to Tucson, Arizona to work with Raytheon Missile Systems where he hopes to be able to create national security solutions through leveraging advanced technical knowledge against a firm foundation of historical and political foreign policy contexts.
  • Ellen Beahm

    Class of 2017
    Ellen is working towards a Master of Public Policy at the University of Virginia's Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. She was thrilled to return to DC in summer 2018 as a State Department intern yet again.
  • David Watkins

    Class of 2011
    David Watkins recently graduated with his MBA from the Lacy School of Business at Butler University in Indianapolis. He is currently serving as Director for Network Operations for the Indiana Small Business Development Center - an SBA resource partner with the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. David primarily works in the areas of strategic planning, international trade & export assistance, and economic development.