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Council of American Ambassadors Fellowship Alumni - Where are they now?

Recent Fellow News

  • Andrew Detsch V

    Class of 2012
    Andrew Detsch V will be graduating Phi Beta Kappa from the Elliott School at the George Washington University in May 2013 with a Bachelor’s in International Affairs. He plans to spend the summer traveling across the Asia-Pacific. Next year, Andrew hopes to teach English in Japan and pursue a Fulbright scholarship in the near future.
  • Gabriella Krohmal

    Class of 2010
    Gabriella Krohmal is currently enrolled in a master’s program at American University’s School of International Service (SIS). She is studying International Peace and Conflict Resolution with a concentration in negotiation.
  • David Koken

    Class of 2008
    David Koken is still working/living in Cambodia as an operations specialist for Kiva (www.kiva.org) where he helps to support or develop credit programs with microfinance institutions and social enterprises in the Southeast Asia region.
  • Ohnmar Khin

    Class of 2007
    Ohnmar Khin is currently finishing up her Master’s in Public Health Degree at UC Berkeley. She is applying to medical schools and MBA programs for next year.
  • Aisha Sabar

    Class of 2006
    Aisha Sabar continues to work at the US State Department at the United States Mission to the United Nations (USUN). At the US Mission, Aisha is part of a team, led by Ambassador Susan Rice and Ambassador Joseph Torsella, that oversees matters related to the UN budget, UN management reform efforts, and UN peacekeeping missions. Aisha is also obtaining an MBA at Columbia University, Class of 2014.
  • David Little

    Class of 2005
    David Little is uniquely positioned in a firm and area of corporate law which combines his litigation experience and MBA training to give him a competitive edge in a very technical field. Mentoring within his firm has resulted in exciting opportunities over the next year to submit articles for publication in various professional journals and to pursue leadership roles within the bar association of his practice area.