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CAA Mission to Estonia, Lithuania and Poland

In these special CAA Live! podcast episodes, Council members report on the fact-finding mission to Estonia, Lithuania and Poland they took this fall.


Estonia and Lithuania:

Podcast host Ambassador Jim Rosapepe sits down with Ambassadors Aldona Wos and John Maisto to discuss the meetings they had with high-level officials in Estonia and Lithuania. Discussion topisc included Russian threats in the Baltics, cyber-security, the role of NATO and a desire for American presence in the Baltics.




Podcast host Ambassador G. Philip Hughes sits down with Ambassadors Laurie Fulton and Timothy Chorba to review the meeting they held with high-level officials in Poland. They talk about Polish security concerns as a NATO ally, Polish judicial reforms, the refugee crisis, religion and national identity, and Nord Stream 2 (and the potential for an alternative Baltic pipeline).





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