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Annex: Council of American Ambassadors’ Mission Delegation

Hon. Julia Chang Bloch and Mr. Stuart Bloch

Ambassador to Nepal, 1989-1993


Hon. Keith L. Brown and Mrs. Carol Brown

President, Council of American Ambassadors and Mission Co-Chair

Ambassador to Denmark, 1989-1992

Ambassador to Lesotho, 1982-1983


Mrs. Magalen O. Bryant (Maggie)

Former Chair

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation


Mrs. Shelby Cullom Davis (Kathryn)

Wife of the late United States Ambassador to Switzerland, 1969-1975


Ms. Claudine J. Flé (Poland)

International Program Associate, Council of American Ambassadors


Hon. Bruce S. Gelb and Mrs. Lueza Gelb

Ambassador to Belgium, 1991-1993

Director, US Information Agency, 1989-1991


Mrs. Cynthia George



Mrs. Alan Green, Jr. (Joan)

Wife of the late United States

Ambassador to Romania, 1989-1992


Ms. Carolyn M. Gretzinger

Executive Director, Council of American Ambassadors


Hon. Glen A. Holden and Mrs. Gloria Holden

Ambassador to Jamaica, 1989-1993


Hon. Lester B. Korn and Mrs. Carolbeth Korn

Ambassador to the United Nations

Economic and Social Council, 1987-1988


Hon. James C. Rosapepe (Poland) and Ms. Sheilah Kast (Romania)

Ambassador to Romania, 1998-2001


Mrs. Diana Davis Spencer

Chair of Grants

The Shelby Cullom Davis Foundation


Hon. Robert D. Stuart, Jr. and Mrs. Lillan Stuart

Mission Co-Chair

Ambassador to Norway, 1984-1989


Hon. Timothy L. Towell

Ambassador to Paraguay, 1988-1991


Hon. William J. vanden Heuvel (Romania)

Mission Co-Chair

Ambassador to the United Nations

 European Office (Geneva), 1977-1979

Ambassador to the UN (New York), 1979-1981


Hon. Leon J. Weil and Mrs. Mabel Weil

Ambassador to Nepal, 1984-1987


Accompanying the delegation in Poland:

Mr. Jacek Jarkowski, State Department Interpreter


Accompanying the delegation in Romania:

Ms. Nadia Crisan, First Secretary, Embassy of Romania