The Council of American Ambassadors is the association of non-career United States ambassadors. A nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, the Council comprises over 200 members whose ambassadorial service collectively extends over six decades and eleven U.S. Presidents. 
The Council supports the Department of State and its Chiefs of Mission, sponsors Fellowships to develop young leaders for careers in public diplomacy and international affairs, and conducts semiannual conferences on current international topics.
The Council convenes roundtable member discussions with Ambassadors to the United States, organizes overseas fact-finding missions, publishes a bi-annual journal, American Ambassadors Review, administers American Ambassadors Live!, the Council's digital platform for foreign affairs commentary, and educates the public about foreign policy issues affecting the national interest.
  1. To advance public understanding and support for the key role of the American Ambassador and the Embassy country team in serving the interests of the United States.
  2. To provide all appropriate assistance to the Department of State as part of its foreign policy constituency and to work in close consultation with the other Departments, agencies and foreign affairs institutions.
  3. To support the enhancement of the Department’s and the Embassy’s function in promoting trade, investment, U.S. business initiatives, and especially public diplomacy.
  4. To assist in the ambassadorial selection process, as appropriate, and to support the President of the United States in the nomination and the Senate’s confirmation of the best individuals that America has to offer for Ambassadorial leadership.