The Thomas Jefferson Legacy Society

"I feel privileged to have served my country by representing America overseas as Ambassador. To support diplomacy around the world, both now and in the future, I have made a legacy gift in my will to the Council of American Ambassadors. I urge all of my diplomatic friends to consider a generous gift to the Council.”

--  Amb. Joseph B. Gildenhorn, Former U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland


"I joined the Thomas Jefferson Legacy Society because of the important role of the Council of American Ambassadors plays in enhancing America’s conduct of diplomacy, particularly in training young leaders for careers in the Foreign Service and international affairs. As I developed my estate plan, the Council was an organization I wanted to support, not only now with my annual contribution, but also with a gift in the future by making a provision for the Council in my will.”

-- Glen A. Holden, Former U.S. Ambassador to Jamaica


The Thomas Jefferson Legacy Society recognizes support of the Council's distinctive work through donors' estate plans.

Named after America’s first secretary of state, the Thomas Jefferson Legacy Society allows you to extend your impact on American diplomacy for years to come. Chaired by Ambassadors Joseph B. Gildenhorn and Glen A. Holden, the Society provides the opportunity to commemorate your experience as a United States Ambassador while passing the torch to future generations. Your commitment will ensure that the diplomats of tomorrow are equipped to strengthen our alliances and effectively promote democracy, peace, human rights, and prosperity.

Members of the Thomas Jefferson Legacy Society secure a robust and promising future for the Council while receiving tax benefits in return. There are many types of planned gifts, including:

  • bequests by will
  • retirement plan distributions
  • life insurance

All that is required to become a member of the Legacy Society is to alert us that you have made one of these planned gift commitments.

Benefits of membership in the Thomas Jefferson Legacy Society include:

  • Recognition in an upcoming newsletter
  • Permanent memorialization of your contribution at the Council's offices in Washington, DC
  • The satisfaction of knowing that your service to our country will be an inspiration to others, and that your legacy gift will equip them to carrry on your important work


To explore these and other opportunities, please contact Executive Director Joyce Chandran at 202.296.3757 or by email at