T. Vance McMahan

T. Vance McMahan was confirmed as a United States Ambassador and Representative to the United Nations Economic and Social Council on June 27, 2008. He served as Ambassador until 2009.

Since 2001, Ambassador McMahan has served as president of TVM Consulting, a firm specializing in public policy research and strategic planning. The consultancy provided research and advice to clients on global competitiveness, public and higher education, health care, and other issues.

Ambassador McMahan was Director of Policy for President George W. Bush during his term as Texas Governor. Under his direction, the policy office helped develop and pass major initiatives and legislation in the areas of public education, civil justice, science and technology, welfare, juvenile justice, conservation, adoption, and faith-based institutions.

After Governor Bush's election to the Presidency, Ambassador McMahan served as Deputy Assistant to the President and helped establish the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives before returning to Texas. This office is responsible for planning, developing, and coordinating a long-range strategy for achieving the Administration's international and domestic priorities.

Prior to serving in government, Ambassador McMahan worked in the banking and corporate finance section of the Houston-based law firm, Andrews Kurth, L.L.P.

Ambassador McMahan is an honors graduate of The University of Texas School of Law and received his undergraduate degree in political science from Stanford University, graduating with honors and distinction. He has contributed to, or authored, a number of publications on issues such as public and higher education, policy and management challenges facing governments, and social services reform.

Ambassadorial Post(s)

United Nations Economic and Social Council (UN ECOSOC), (2008 - 2009)

Areas of Expertise