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The Evolving Role of the U.S. Ambassador

The Evolving Role of the U.S. Ambassador: A Conversation with Ambassador Ryan Crocker, Author and Journalist Paul Richter, and Ambassador Ed Gabriel

On April 29, 2020 the Council of American Ambassadors hosted a panel discussion with Ambassador Ryan Crocker, Paul Richter, and moderator Ed Gabriel. The discussion centered around the evolving role of the U.S. Ambassador, serving as a diplomat on the front lines in the Middle East, and cooperation between non-career and career ambassadors as well as Paul Richter's new book The Ambassadors: America's Diplomats on the Front Lines.

This event was recorded for public viewing. The recording can be accessed on the Council's American Ambassadors Live! website: https://www.americanambassadorslive.org/post/the-evolving-role-of-the-u-s-ambassador


Apr 29, 2020