2016 Mission to the Czech Republic and Hungary

The Council of American Ambassadors sponsored a Mission to the Czech Republic and Hungary from March 30 to April 10, 2016. The delegation visited Prague and Budapest. The following links provided helpful information to mission participants.
The Czech Republic
Embassy of the United States - Prague
Embassy of the Czech Republic - Washington, DC
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
U.S. Relations with the Czech Republic
CIA World Factbook: Czech Republic
Czech Republic Country Profile
The American Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic
American Friends of the Czech Republic
International Religious Freedom Report - Czech Republic
Human Rights Report - Czech Republic
Trafficking in Persons Report - Czech Republic
Investment Climate Statement - Czech Republic
Selected Articles
Czech Republic Ready to Accept Syrian Refugees (New Europe)
Central European Leaders Call for Solution on Migration (Wall Street Journal)
In a Bad Neighborhood, the Czech Republic Becomes Investor Haven (Bloomberg)
Brexit 'Could Lead to Czexit' (Politico Europe)
Europe Must Support Western Balkans in Halting Migration: Czech PM (Yahoo News)
Five Czechs Who Were Missing in Lebanon Arrive Home (New York Times)
UN Accuses Czech Republic of Human Rights Abuses Against Migrants (Deutsche Welle)
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The Czech Republic a Quarter Century After the Velvet Revolution (The Ambassadors Review)
Big, Bad Visegrad (The Economist)
'Jiang Zeman' (Politico Europe)
The Czech Donald Trump (Politico Europe)
Opposition to Refugee Quotas Softens in Europe's Old Communist Bloc (New York Times)
Czech Republic in Controversial Move to Reshape its Power Market (Wall Street Journal)
Embassy of the United States - Budapest
Embassy of Hungary - Washington, DC
Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Hungary
U.S. Relations with Hungary
CIA World Factbook: Hungary
Hungary Country Profile
American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary
Trafficking in Persons Report - Hungary
International Religious Freedom Report - Hungary
Human Rights Report - Hungary
Investment Climate Statement - Hungary
Selected Articles
Hungary Declares State of Emergency Over Migrants (NBC News)
Hungary to Send More Police, Army to Patrol its Borders (Reuters)
Hungary President Requests Review of Contentious Central Bank Legislation (Wall Street Journal)
Hungary Seeks to Cut Rights of Asylum Seekers (Associated Press)
Hungary Calls Referendum on EU Migrant Relocation Plan (Wall Street Journal)
EU Defenseless Against Flow of Migrants, Hungary Minister Says (Bloomberg)
Hungary Assails Human Rights Advocates in the Country, UN Expert Says (New York Times)
Orban Cowboy (Politico Europe)